Playlist Booty'Country




            Titres              Temps   Niveau   Choré   Vidéo 
cheyenne 24 D Rigolant Cool
chica boom boom 32 D/I Rigolant Cool
country 2 steps 40 N Rigolant
cotton eyed joe (couple) 32 D

cotton eyed joe (mixer) 32 D   Cool
cowboy boogie 24 D Rigolant
cowboy charleston 16 D Rigolant
cucaracha 32 D Rigolant Cool
cut a rug 32 D Rigolant

easy chacha 16 D Rigolant Cool
easy come easy go 32 D/I Rigolant
electric slide 18 D Rigolant

 everybody's here  32 N Rigolant

 hallelujah  68 I Rigolant

hooked on country 32 D Rigolant Cool
jambalaya (couple) 32 D Rigolant  
jig it up 32 I Rigolant

la chapelloise 32 D Rigolant Cool
lindi shuffle 16 D Rigolant
one o one (101) 32 D/I   Cool
rio 32 D Rigolant  
rita's Waltz 24 I Rigolant  
struttin' start 32 D    
the sway 16 D Rigolant Cool
tush push 40 N Rigolant Cool
western barn dance (couple) 32 D/I   Cool
Knee Deep  32  N/I   Rigolant Cool
Would you go with me  52  N/I   Rigolant Cool
Southern delight  32   Rigolant Cool
Beautiful Day  32   Rigolant Cool
Wanderland waltz  48   Rigolant Cool
Jambalaya  32  N/I   Rigolant Cool
Mini Mex   32  Rigolant Cool
Sugar kane
Good time 48 D Rigolant  
The wanderer 40 D  Rigolant  
Stealing the best 32 D Rigolant  
Leaving of liverpool 32 D Rigolant  
Everybody knows 32 D    
Cadillac et caviar 32 N Rigolant  
Texa's waltz 36 D  Rigolant  
God blessed texas 32 D    
Rock around the clok 48 N  Rigolant  
lover please come back 32 D    
Bandido's last ride 32 D    
Full tilt boogie 48 D    
Slap and stomp 32 D    
red hot salsa 64 I Rigolant  
Foxy girl 32 N Rigolant  
Live laugh love 32 D Rigolant  
Something in teh water 32 D Rigolant  
Country 2 steps 40 N Rigolant  
Everybody'here 32 N Rigolant  
wave on wave 32 N  Rigolant  
Rock my life 32 N    
Irish stew 32 N  Rigolant  
ASkin'question 32 N Rigolant  
Knee deep 32 N Rigolant  
Southern delight 32 N Rigolant  
Love story 32 D Rigolant  
Wild stallion 65 N Rigolant  
Dancing violins   N Rigolant  
Island in the stream 32 I Rigolant  
Beer for my horse 40 I Rigolant  
Kell the spiders 32 I Rigolant  
Telépathie 64 I    
South of santa fe 32 N/I    
Giddy on up 32 I    
Mary mary 48 I Rigolant  
The flute 64 I Rigolant  
caught in the act 64 I    
Pot of gold 64 I    
Would you go with me 52 I    
LTS 48 I Rigolant  
Alabama slamming'BC 48 I Rigolant  
Footloose 48 I Rigolant  
Solar power 64 I    
Full tit boogie 48 D    





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